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Sher has spoken and presented in front of both large and small groups. She has address a wide range of topics, suitable for both secular and non-secular audiences. Sher will also work with you to develop or modify a topic to fit your specific needs.

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Popular Topics Include:

1) The three essentials of marriage

  • Humility
  • Sacrifice
  • Humor

2) What Makes Marriage so Hard?

  • Differences
  • We don’t see its purpose at the beginning
  • We think it should be easy – so it’s hard

3) Divorce Predictors – 97% accurate if you stay stuck

  • Gottman’s predictors
  • PREP predictors
  • Lack of willingness to get trained

4) What’s the deal with Men?

  • How men are vulnerable
  • What they want from women
  • Things women can do to fare better with men

5) Putting the zing back in

  • Playing for couples
  • Learn how to say love
  • The formula for romance – creativity+spontaneity+intention

6) The magic formula to stop fighting

  • Stop/time out
  • Repairs
  • Using tools

7) Filling your partners love tank

  • Behaviors
  • Attitudes
  • Planning the special touches

8) The Laundry List

  • Why singles make one
  • The essential 3 items on the list
  • Tear up the list and start loving

9) Finding the “Right” Person/Being the “Right” Person

  • The Mythology of love at first sight
  • Surviving the dating stage
  • Not being afraid to ask for what you want

10) Getting your needs met

  • Anxiety and flight/fright
  • Our coping mechanisms
  • 3 essential skills

11) Radical Acceptance

  • How much do we really want to change?
  • What makes the unacceptable, acceptable?
  • What we shouldn’t accept

12) The tip of the iceburg

  • The layering of emotional defenses
  • Willingness to be vulnerable
  • Not pouring salt in each other’s wounds

13) The upside down Conflict

  • As a tool for problem solving
  • You wouldn’t want them just like you, would you?
  • It’s acceptable if it’s inevitable

14) The essential boredom of marriage

  • Why it happens
  • What to do about it
  • 50 ways to woo your lover

15) The levels of communication

  • What they are
  • Having more meaningful conversations
  • Getting out of your comfort zone

16) Why divorce is not good for people

  • Statistics
  • Effects on kids
  • Why we think it’s the only answer

17) Want to save money – don’t get a divorce!

  • Actual costs
  • Hidden costs
  • What to do instead

18) Do something different

  • Tired of the same old life and arguments?
  • Ways to switch it up
  • Change a relationship single-handedly

19) Communication 101       

  • Why it’s so hard
  • A miracle tool
  • We say we want better communication, but do we?

20) Making a relationship Great

  • Resistance and stigma – it’s just suppose to happen
  • Mythologies and realities
  • Keeping love alive

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